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  1. Thank you buddy ! Will do. I disassembled old one and OH BOY, this is first time in about 5 years I did that I mean I clean case all the time but what I saw inside was not-describable. Like a pound of dust so thick it became a tar like substance. Anyhow I realized there are 2 fans. One over RAM another one for actual CPU cooling and only 1 is making noise. I mean not really both do , but only one was really REALLY loud. So for now all I did is took other one out and re positioned it so it cools CPU instead of RAM. So now it's manageable noise levels. Still ordering 2 new fans cause I forgot what silent computing is. Once again thanks ! P.S. While I am doing all this I wonder if I should remove whole thing and reapply thermo after so many years it may lost some of it properties.
  2. Hi guys. I am trying to get some info. I have v10 cooler and I have to replace a fan because it's .....well I am not sure how is it still rotating. It's loud as a damn truck. Clicking and cracking and just making all kind of a noises. I contacted support for part replacement meanwhile I Want to know if there are some aftermarket fans that may be better than are compatible with V10. Also instructions on how to disassemble plastic cover of V10 so I can get access to V10 internal FAN. If possible let me know what do I do about replacement and how to do it. Thank you so much !