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  1. Hi Daniel, Well, it is a free world, go for H100i, and have peace of mind while gaming 😉 .
  2. Hi Daniel, Your CPU Temp is stil okay if your ambient temperature is around 30 ~ 32 degrees . But the ticking noise from the pump is not good, u better return it. In a close loop liquid cooling you can get around 30 degrees cpu temp if your ambient temperature (room Temp) is around 20 ~25 degrees and CPU at idle processor state. The Pump RPM should be constant at all times, better connect it directly to PSU and not in the mother board header.
  3. why you the Cooler Master manual for Nepton 240M never mention about the orientation of the standoffs for the mother board? I damage my board because of these. The color of the insulating washer is black and the standoff is also black so very easy not to notice it !!! I also purchan a Nepton 240M for a build for my friend, the first unit i got has this very noisy pump issue, so we return it to the seller, and we got a new unit. went back home and mount it for a test run, and boom another issue, pump is very silent... but the CPU temperature is going to 100 degrees, radiator fans are spinning to 100% we can see the pump speed is constant at somewhere 2500 rpm. Looks like the pump is spinning but not able to pump the liquid in the radiator. the radiator it self is very cool, around 30 degrees... Please advice any troubleshooting or do we have to return it again?