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  1. this worked for me, thanks a lot! I didn't even get the update failed message. BTW I first downloaded the firmware update software from the xornet 2 page and run it as administrator, but it was 1.14 so I made CM storm portal do it again to 1.28 ( the newest one) and again I made sure to run cm storm portal as administrator.
  2. It's so annoying that there's so few mice with this kind of shape (maybe only this, actually). Please CM, do not ever discontinue this mouse. If anything, make an even better version of it. Also, you should consider having only one dpi change button, it's more sleek and two seem unnecessary nowadays. Also, the left and right button are a bit too loud. Keep up the good work!
  3. It happens to me in BF4 (because it's the only shooter I play). After some search in google I found that, while it is not that frequent, it might occur in some other shooters too (planetside 2 for instance), so it's not a specific problem of a single game. As you can see in the BF thread, it happens with some other mice too. Some people said they fixed it by updating/reinstalling their mouse drivers, others fixed it by switching to another mouse (which I'd prefer to avoid). Now, given that Xornet hasn't his dedicated drivers, I honestly don't know what to do. All I know is that the game is unplayable this way. Do you have any suggestion/fix for that? It's kind of frustrating
  4. Some mice have this "aim down the sight glitch" with some shooting games Here's a thread Here's a video: I don't know if other cm storm mice are affected. Can you do something please?