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  1. In my opinion, they should have never ended the Cooler Master Girls Calendar. That was the beginning of the end
  2. I also need those parts. Looks like the USA store is down. I've had my XB since they first came out so I'm considering buying a new case. I love the XB layout, as I change hardware frequently for testing, but still having the ability to close it up when I'm done. Horizontal layout is a must.
  3. I have no idea. I hope the company isn't sinking.
  4. It looks like this forum doesn't get much traffic. Perhaps interest is waning. It doesn't look like many of the old staff is active anymore.
  5. Sorry, I hadn't been active for a couple years but it appears that the old forum is gone and I had to make this new account. I used to be a product beta tester. How can I get back into that community? Looks like lots more has also changed on the site. No more CM girls calendar? Edit: IceJon was my old contact.