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  1. ha arm a good luck I sent one in on the on the 15th of May my tracking number said they received it on the 20th of May it's now it's now the 22nd of June I'm Coolermaster Zarma status hasn't even switched from to received who messes army service is :) they don't take fucking online request they don't take phone calls they don't take nothing they take your :) and they disappear I'm surprised schoolmaster can even produced anything when I can't get on the fucking phone how does Newegg or tigerDirect anybody get new Coolermaster :) if nobody can fucking talk to anybody at Coolermaster :) them I've literally called those cocksucking motherfuckers 30 times of all times in the day when they would be open when they wouldn't be open even their army service their customer support just anything that they had options to make a phone call to I tried to call it you know what Cooler Master will never be in my house again