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  1. The Damage is done. I will work on some new photos soon.
  2. Hi Ann Ann, Thank you. feels smaller on the inside. but it has 2x 360 radiator and 1x480 radiator plus the motherboard has been moved to the middle of the case. All new photos coming very soon.
  3. Almost done, just some touch ups, some cable management and side cover panels to make up. And screen setup 95% good.
  4. Thermoelectric water cooled System and Channeled passive air cooling, I.C.E Short for Integrated Cooling Electronics, Built only with hand tools no 3d printing, CNC or laser cut parts. Just a Dremel and a dream. And other hand tools and other scrap and old items used to make parts.. Cosmos C700P
  5. Hi yes of course. Some back ground info first. Two of my friends and my self where out of work and one of them had a small payout from a car accident. I was just made redundant from a sign shop where I was a spray painter and had some sign writing background. And was asked if he got the printer to make signs would I help. And of course I sad yes And my self being the only one with any sign writing background it was going to be a slow start, so for the last 3 months I have been learning how to use IA and how to print using a Roland printer for the first time. I printed them out on the Roland printer. This was the first time for me doing this so I had a lot to work out. The CPU and GPU blocks have a clear and black plastic Block out sheet that can be removed. I scanned them in at 300dps and turned them into vectors in AI. Then used Photoshop to redesigned them to be printed out. The prints where done using 3M clear vinyl. I designed them using two layers the first layer was printed using a silver ink to block out parts that I did not want the light to come though, And other parts like the logo's where left clear in the vector to let the light out. Then it was printed in color over the silver leaving the clear open for light. I then hand cut some 1mm clear acrylic to the same shape and applied the vinyl, drilled some new holes in the 1mm and put then back on the blocks. The RGB strip is part of the Bitspower GPU water block as it comes from Bitspower. How ever I did add a RGB strip to the top and side of the CPU block, all it had was two spots for a LED's. And I wanted to match the GPU RBG. there is two RGB headers on the MoBo the motherboard side uses one RGB header and the fans on the back uses the other. I used 3 Cooler Master RGB spliters to get it all to sink off the ASUS ROG Aura headers, All 6 fans and water pump are running off the fan headers on the MoBo as well. Hope that helps. I would have documented more of the build but time was very much against me. Ken.
  6. Zenator


    Cheers Stephen, Will have to catch up again one day soon.
  7. No! please tell me you got it done in time.
  8. Quick Video of the build, it really need more takes but ran out of time. Hope you all like it.
  9. That looks very cool! especially considering what you have used for materials, Very nicely done.