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  1. I'd love to leave my comment on the shape for other fan to read from here. I'm a fingertip/claw grip user who has 18.5cm hand length. 1. Xornet is shorter than MM520 so its better for people who don't like the feel of the palm touching the mouse. 2. MM520 is taller than xornet (which I personally think it's abit too tall) 3. MM520 has better finish (more durable and it feels less dirty) 4. the pinky spot for Xornet is better than MM520 (human hand are arranged in parallel position but they make mm520 pinky to point outward at an angle) 5. Both Xornet n MM520 thumb side has to be adjusted to somewhere in the middle of the two of them. 5.1 MM520 thumb side has too much curve which forces ur hand to be placed in certain ways since its slippery n very curvy but the side buttons has better design. 5.2 Xornet has rubber grip on the thumb side but i'd prefer if it was the new honeycomb design. 6. MM520 has better scroll wheel and better designed DPI button. 7. MM520 has wider area u can click (Big plus! feels comfortable) I love this serie of products and I see Cooler Master is trying to improve the product line according to our feedbacks all the time but I also see that they are trying to make it kind of into Claw/Palm grip mouse when it was Claw/Fingertipgrip mouse which I donot fully enjoy. The curves are too exaggerated on mm520, need a rubber grip on the thumbside, and it is a little too long and tall, otherwise, its perfect for me.