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    Standoff Screws too Short for Backer Plate

    My problem was that the longer standoffs would not let the nuts spin on easily and I was afraid of stripping the thread. I decided what the heck, and used the longer standoffs and carefully threaded the nuts on and then used the little tool to tighten these in a crossing fashion. Somehow the instructions should give some sort of designation like 140mm and 100mm standoffs and which is to be used where. I a mechanical engineer and these were not the best instructions to follow. System is up and running.
  2. I am building a new unit and trying to install the Hyper EVO 212. My motherboard is an ASUS Z97-E. The standoff screws for the backer plate are too short to allow putting the nuts on. If I force them I am afraid of hurting the motherboard. For the life of me, I cannot understand why these standoffs are so short. I am dead in the water for now.