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  1. I recently installed a nepton 240m onto a P8Z68-V PRO and my system did not POST. Lights come on and fans spin up. It shuts down after 3 seconds, spins up, again after a further 5 seconds and then sits doing nothing, lights on and fans spinning. No VGA signal is picked up by monitor. I replaced the old air cooler and all was fine again. Leaving the air cooler in place I plugged in the 240m and it spun up and booted fine again. I removed the air cooler and held the 240m in place. Again all booted fine. I installed fully with bracket and the original problem persisted. No POST and no VGA signal recieved. I am at a loss as to what could be wrong. Any help / support greatly appreciated. I'm not sure if this sounds silly but is the bracket causing a short on the motherboard possibly? Thanks in advance.