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  1. I fiddled with the software, it seems like changing the profile fixed it. I notice it coming back from time to time, but i guess i know the fix now. I suspect it can be a problem with windows regs, cause i havent had this problem on my previous mice before i upgraded to windows 8. Ill just get Win 10 and see if it comes back.
  2. It did nothing. The double clicks that occur are with insane speed, it opens 2 chrome tabs with 1 click which is basically impossible. Any other ideas on this?
  3. Hello. I encountered a weird problem of double clicking when a normal click is prompted. It occurs every so often and lasts for an hour or so, with no particular pattern. About every 4th click that i make is counted in as a double click with non human speed e.x. opening 2 new chrome tabs with a single click. I have had this problem on my previous mouse which was a logitech g700 and i solved it by readjusting the copper spring inside the switch, this happened after 2-3 years of intense use. I got my reaper about 2 months ago just for the good switches it has and this occurs again after a way shorter period of time. Can i do something about this since i couldnt really find much help online?