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  1. GPU temps hover around 36-40 C (web browsing only) the processor core is around 15 Celsius. Everything seems to be fine while running minus this smell.. On that note, it is very much like the smell you would notice if you are nearby a copy machine that just pumped out a couple hundred copies of something and is hot. That is the best way I can describe it and googling that smell makes people associate it with a slight burning smell (but that is not my take on it) so I am just confused as to what to think of the situation. I've had this cooler for 6 months now and only since yesterday has this started. I feel like a random change of behavior might merit concern but any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Hey folks, I have a 240M that I installed several months ago but it is only since yesterday evening that I have begun to notice a strange smell coming from the air being pushed out by the radiator. It reminds me most of a xerox/copy machine smell after being used several times. I thought that it was probably getting hot (made worse by the temperatures outside) so I decided to give it the night and turned it off early. I power it up this morning to find the same smell being thrown out. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts as to what may be the issue? I'm a little fearful that it's damaged or something and it will cause damage to other parts of my computer. Thanks! P.S - I opened the side panels and checked inside last night after shutdown. None of the other parts had that same scent and everything was still nice and cool so my conclusion was that it is the 240 causing the odor.