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  1. Hello Bram Here I'm again, to answer your question: yes the button 8 in the Havoc is profile swicht[+] default Is also set in profiles 1 and 3 to switch profile, only now I can't change them anymore, loks like a problem with Software AP, it's anoying because I get stuck in cycling the profiles see the snap shot (please see my other post) Thanks
  2. First thanks for your reaction Bram But my problem is exactly that I can't reassign buttom 8 to profile switch and that is the default of buttom 8 (see profile 1 that is allways the default profile). I think that my Software AP is not working properly, because don't let's me to reassign the button profile or DPI to the options they have I open the button assignement go to profile click on and it opens the right popup (with the options) go with the mouse pointer to it and disappears making it impossible to set it to is default or other of the possible options it's anoying because I get stuck in cycling the profiles It's a way to solve this problem perhaps with older version of the software? and perhaps where should I can get it? Thanks Bram for your help (dank u wel)
  3. Hello everybody I'm triyng to set profiles in my havoc to default. I had programed my buttom 8 to disable and now is impossible to cycle profiles , the software don't let me to go to the pop up with the choices. I can use all the others choices (disable, right click, left click, mouse wheel click, IEforward and backward, multimedia to sensor on/off ) the choices Profile and DPI are not possible to change. I tryed to run as administrator didn't help, i have W7 Ultimate (64bits) and of course new install of the software and last version of the firmwarem, etc. Is a way to reset the on-board memory to is defaults? thank you
  4. I had set my button 8 to disable,I want to set to is default (profile cycle) but it doesn't work ,the pop up apears but when I put the mouse pointer on it it's goes way Is a way to reset the profiles 1,2 or 3 to default? or to clean the mouse memory? thanks in advance