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  1. Looking more and more videos from the computex : looks lile thumbscrews and velcro straps are already in. Cool ! I also like the possibility to mount an SSD to be visible through the side panel window: is the SSD mounted on the top of the bracket or hide under ?
  2. Hi ! Nice idea this new master case ! Well done Cooler Master ! Let's talk about dream parts (at least for me) for this new modular case. =) I'm not sure it's already done, but velcro straps in the back of the case for cable management ( A big dust filter under the case with a possibility to remove it from the front of the case ( it's useful when you have a desk like this : ( Front panel that cover the whole case (no 5.25 drives) with an easy way de remove the dust filter (no need to remove the whole facade, just push and remove) : Basically the same for the top of the case (push and remove), with the room for fans and/or radiators : Some thumbscrews that stick to the case part ( Finally I hope for some à la carte way to buy this case from online store, it would be awesome ! Thanks !