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  1. I appreciate you guys for the responses. I've got everything setup and running. The liquid cooler runs very quiet, as well as the fans in the case. I do like the Silencio case a lot - it was very easy to work with and the construction is solid. The only complaint is that there could be more room behind the motherboard to route cables but that's the only complaint. I did manage to route everything and with a little pressure on the side panel when sliding it on, all is well. Thanks again.
  2. I'm preparing a new build and have bought a Silencio 652S case and the Seidon 240M liquid cooling unit. I will mount the radiator at the top of the case and I have two questions: 1) With the radiator mounted at the very top of the 652S and the fans mounted under the radiator inside the case, thereby pulling air from the radiator, must I keep the top plastic cover off the case in order to expose the vents or can I keep the cover on? I'm pretty sure the answer is to keep the cover off but I want to verify this. 2) If the top front cover is left off, is it preferable to push the air through the radiator to the outside of the case?