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  1. hello ive owned my CM storm sirus 5.1 headset now for about 8 months ive never has any problems and has worked since the day i got them. basically the problem is if i play GMOD, Rocket league or ARK: survival evolved which are games very dependent on your ability to talk with people, but anyway what happens is when i hit the push to talk key my game on all three of the games above will just freeze for 10-30 seconds then it will recover and would have completely ruined the game for me. ive had this problem i think since i got windows 10 (I THINK) i have looked everywhere for a fix nobody in the entire gaming community is willing to give me the time of day to help me fix this. this is the last forum i can think of, the company of this headset the thing is ive seen so many other people with this problem on these exact games but nobody has posted a fix. there has to be a fix somewhere because something triggered this i just dont have a clue what. im just getting sick to death of it and i scraped up all the money i could for this headset and i cant afford to go out and just buy a new headset. so please if anybody out there know a fix i beg of you link me or let me know ;(
  2. hello about 6 days ago i bought some sirus 5.1 surround sound headset and for the first 3 or 4 days it was working fine then on the 5th day i noticed a really annoying buzzing sound kinda sounded like a wasp in the left speaker, but anyway the next day it was worse it was buzzing when i launched a game and when i tabed out of the game it would buzz whenever i move my mouse around my screen. ive seen so many people with this problem but no one is saying a clear way how to fix it. please ive spent £85 on these and i have no more money to buy any other headset there must be a fix please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!