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  1. Good day again I wonder if anyone has seen my post. Can anyone help on this matter? Thanks
  2. Hello from Greece I purchased a Master Liquid Lite 240 cooler about three months ago, intending to use it with either an Intel QX9650 or an Intel Xeon X5492. At this time I am at the final assembly stage of the PC to be built and I am planning to put all hardware in an older (but really impressive) computer case, the Thermaltake Xaser VI VG4000BWS model, which provides the user with side perforated panels, ready to accept fans of 120 or 140 mm size (with some minor modification work) and - apparently - ready to accept the radiator and fans of the Master Liquid Lite 240 unit. What I need to know is what is the optimum way of fans assembling: - Is it a "blow in" or - A "blow out"? Thanks for taking the time to look at my question. Waiting for your response.
  3. Good day to the community Being a long time Cooler Master user, I recently decided to re-use my old Blizzard T2, which was used in the past to cool an Intel i3-4330 CPU, now not in use anymore. Digging in my old unused hardware, I started setting up a PC, based on an Asus P5Q Pro Turbo motherboard and an Intel C2 Extreme QX9650 CPU. This CPU has a TDP of 130W and a Tcase of 64.5°C. Knowing that the Blizzard T2 only supports up to 95W TDP, I wonder if this can be used with the QX9650 (overclocking is an option for later thinking), if I add a second fan in series with the existing one, to enhance the air flow and consequently the cooling effect of the cooler. Any advice will be highly appreciated.