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  1. Hi Pim, I'd also like to buy an extra set of fans for push pull with the 240m. It looks like the store now has 2 options: Silencio FP 120 PWM - - (44CFM, 1.69 mmH20, 1400rpm) Nepton 120XL FP PWM - - (76 CFM, 4.8 mmH20, 2400rpm) Based the on the specs, it looks like the "Nepton 120XL FP PWM" is identical to the fans included with the 240m? Could you confirm and would you recommend the Nepton over the Silencio now?
  2. Cacho

    Silencio FP 120

    Thanks for the reply! Do you know if the 240m (model# RL-N24M-24PK-R1) I ordered is the new version? I'm guessing the "240m" is new and "240" was the old? Are you saying I should buy the "Silencio FP 120 PWM" fans then?: Looking at the fan specs on the 240m product page: ... the specs (76 CFM, 4.8 mmH20, 2400rpm) match the "Nepton 120XL FP PWM" and not the "Silencio FP 120 PWM" (44CFM, 1.69 mmH20, 1400rpm), which leads me to believe that it's the "Nepton 120XL FP PWM" that comes with the 240m: If I connect the pump to the motherboard (instead of the PSU) which header do I use? The 240m manual only has pictures of two 4-pin connectors with no written instructions or labels. My motherboard has two 4-pin options: CPU_FAN1 and CHA_FAN1. According to this video from Cool Master ( it looks like he connects the radiator fans to CPU_FAN1 with a splitter, and the pump to CHA_FAN1. He mentions that the pump is only 3-pin but must go into a 4-pin header for variable speed control.
  3. Cacho

    Silencio FP 120

    I just ordered a Nepton 240m cooler, and would like to buy 2 extra matching fans for a push/pull config. Could someone confirm which model I should buy, I see 2 possible models?: Silencio: Nepton: I'm guessing the "Nepton" is the one I want since the specs match (4.8 mmH20, 2400rpm), it's just confusing since the product page for the 240m and 120xl coolers say they use "Silencio" fans: BTW, I'll be installing this on the front of my Silencio 352 case with the extra set of fans on the outside, and the original set & radiator on the inside. All 4 fans will connect to a Gelid 1-4 PWM splitter into my mobo's 4-pin cpu fan header, and the 3-pin cable from the water pump will connect straight to my PSU to run at constant full speed (which I've read is better than connecting it to the mobo's 3-pin cpu fan header which will vary the rpm's).