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  1. I would like to know what's the name of this obsolete CM Air cooler thanks!
  2. I am looking forward in buying the CM Storm Devastator gaming gear combo but I'm concerned on how many keys I can press simultaneously that would register on the computer As gamers, we all know that we simultaneously press 3 or more keys on the keyboard, so that really is a huge concern for me So how many keys can I simultaneously press with this keyboard? Oh and I heard the mouse that came with this gaming gear combo wasn't good, is this true? I would like to hear the opinion of others before I buy this combo -thanks in advance!
  3. Good day, I am currently wanting to buy a Cooler Master V8 GTS but I just want to make sure that it would not interfere with my first PCI-E slot(which contains the graphics card w/ a backplate) My motherboard is the Asus Z97M-PLUS http://www.asus.com/ph/Motherboards/Z97MPLUS/ -thanks in advance!