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  1. Which is a pretty rotten thing to do. Also, now that I know about this problem I won't risk buying it, but if they told us which batch is "safe" then I would buy it.
  2. Btw, the average warranty for LED lightbulbs is 4 years, so not sure what the :) is going on here.
  3. I would like to know how would I identify this correct batch please....
  4. Are really all these keyboards bad, has anyone got one that had not its LED die after 6 months or less. Backlit keyboard is pretty important to me so it would not be acceptable..
  5. Ah, then I won't be buying it. Still, it is very hard to find a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with good backlight and brown switches, such a shame. Maybe they'll revise the model...
  6. Hi, I've been meaning to buy this keyboard but this issue got me very worried. Has this been resolved, if so, which batch exactly doesn't have this problem?