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  1. Many Thanks! The old one is a 350. I am going to use the supplied adapter to connect to two free power leads. I will check the power supply as you suggested.
  2. Ok, have an intel D946GZIS motherboard. Everything was working fine before changes. Purchased a new evga nvidia 880gts video card and RS-650-ACAA-A1 power supply to handle the load. Began by removing the old power supply and installing the new power supply. Hooked up P1 and P2 to the motherboard. Turned on the power-switch on the power supply. Nothing happened. Hit the power switch on the front of the case and heard a slight noise (and the red LED on the power supply came on) from the power supply but nothing else. No fans or motherboard beeping. Is there a jumper or something I need to be paying attention to? I didn't have a power switch on the power supply before. Thanks and any speedy reply would be great. Got Crysis for Christmas and can't play with it.