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  1. hey man. How do i chance the colloer on my fans?

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  3. Hello everyone! After a long time here I am here with a new worklog (then it will follow that of the 4K video editing workstation), that is, the daily ITX PC! The CM ELITE 110 is the main actor....of course!! this mini-PC is used as for light Photoshop, Premiere & something fast 3D graphics the components: CPU: i3-7320 Hz, 4 MB cache MOBO: Asus ITX-H170i-Pro (used) RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x8Gb 3000 ddr4 (used) VGA: Gigabyte nVidia GTX970 mini 4 GB 256-bit-CUDA cores 1664 (used) Case: CM Elite 110 ITX CPU Cooler: Seidon 120V (recycled from previous WS 1155) PSU: CM 550 Semi-Modular Bronze (recycled from old Pc daily) Case Fans: CM 80mm Silent Fan x3 ( +3 CM Fan speed reducer ) Additiona Seidon Fan: CM Excalibur 120mm PWM fan Filters: DemCiflex x 110 Elite anti-vibration: Anti-Vibe magnetic + rubber grommets + rubber screw magnets Ssd Windows10 : 275Gb Crucial MX300 ssd m.2 Ssd Hackintosh : 250Gb Samsung Evo 850 sata III Hdd : 2Tb WD Scorpio Blue 2.5" (used) I chose a fast CPU i3 -like compromise price / performance- and a mid-size motherboard because the daily pc must necessarily stay low budget (otherwise keep off the workstation with the Titan X and the i7 would not make sense) ... . Motherboard, VGA, ram & hdd not new: I managed to buy them used in good condition too. For ssd the choice went to Samsung & Crucial that they have been quality assurance for years. Usual as archive I chose hdd western digital as archive, so I can use Acronis true image WD edition. Finally DEMCiflex anti-dust filters, a must have in a complete build But now start with the photos: