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  1. I just got reply from CM, they said the warranty its not valid for replacement and I only can deliver to Taiwan for services..the reason because its gift!! Now I know there's a gap beween ppl who purchased the psu and ppl who get CM psu as a gift.. They don't Apply as same thing Whatever that reason.. This is last time I will use CM product..trust me.. U gonna lost more ppl if you guys keep this kinda treatment on your policy.. Anyway thanks
  2. Suddenly my M2 Silent pro 1500 stop working during games,my pc wont boot anymore..idk whats wrong, I barely do overclocking lately..My system just using normal stuff.. Amd Fx 8350 Asus Sabertooth 990fx Corsair vengeance Pro 2x4GB kit asus Gtx 780 ref Corsair Neutron Ssd 128GB 2x Ssd Adata SP 900 128GB 1TB Seagate Hdd for storage I already did submit my RMA yesterday, what I'm asking how long it will take? Coz i live on another country..i just need to know the procedure of RMA.. I heard Cooler Master have great service..but im in another country, I hope it will not take too long..coz i need it badly.. Currently im borrowing one of my friends psu.. Thank you very much for your attention to this.. Regards from Indonesia
  3. Sorry if I ask here..can you guys tell me how long it will take to RMA this PSU? Whatis the procedure? Coz i live in another country.. Thanks