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  1. On 4/25/2017 at 2:11 PM, Mohd Noh said:


    Yes! Ofcourse the  cooler we bought had am4 compatibility written on the box and had the two slits on the base to slide the clip through!! It also had the manual mentioning how to install the cooler for  am4 motherboard. Why would I be raising an issue about am4 compatibility if the item and the manual didn't state am4 compatible? Please do not insult our intelligence.

    I have also said in my post that we managed to mount the cooler by loosening the plastic brackets on the motherboard. Do you also think that I have magically mounted a non am4 cooler on my am4 motherboard? 

  2. Me and my friend faced the same issue when building on the am4 asus b350 prime board with the cooler master hyper 212 led turbo. The bracket is too tight and it doesn't fit. We were scared we might have damaged the cpu when trying to lock the cooler in place. We loosened the plastic brackets on the motherboard and clipped the retention clip. Then screwed the plastic bracket in tight to a  level we were comfortable with. This was ofcourse not the default height the plastic brackets on the motherboard were at. Scary stuff. Luckily no damage was done with our earlier shenanigans and the board posted.


    This shouldn't be happening to us especially with a reliable brand like cooler master. The retention clip was obviously a few mm shorter. Luckily we opted out of using brute force midway after we found this thread and learnt we weren't the only ones facing the issue. 

  3. If I set my bios to default my motherboard will reduce the pump speed. The pump is connected to a chassis fan header. I can configure to increase pump speed under load but then cm is asking us to run the pump only at full speed at all times. Some people in other forums claimed to have found success by letting the motherboard control. Obviously their motherboards are reducing pump speed which is not what cm recommends.

  4. Thanks guys. Is the pump at 2300 rpm normally audible? There is a distinct and unmistakable whining like a small fan revving. I have had a h80i in my other pc for 6 months with pump speed of 2150rpm I have never heard this sound. Is my 120v unit spoilt?

  5. I want my build to be silent and am willing to sacrifice 2 or 3 degree temperature difference at load. I use a noctua p12 in push configuration. For my case and room setting I found 1600 pump rpm to be inaudible and I would very much like to keep it at that. Will this rpm damage my cooler or shorten it's life span?

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