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  1. Dragoon20005

    Cooler Master at Computex 2015

    interesting case when will it be launched? is the case able to fit X99 builds with 3 way CF configs
  2. Dragoon20005

    regreted buying the CM 344 Elite

    @mohd noh the shop is very cheeky with this the receipt at the bottom say this Goods Sold are not NOT REFUNDABLE
  3. Dragoon20005

    regreted buying the CM 344 Elite

    Hey guys after using the casing for 2 weeks I just getting more headaches with this casing than i expected first is the lack of air flow and the case fans which are of odd size of 90mm where all fans sold here are 120mm There is no way to return the product to the retailer even though there is no scratches on the casing and have the original packaging and receipt is there any way i can exchange this casing for a better model? Thanks Regards Chester Lin
  4. Dragoon20005

    Suggested cooler for CM Elite 344 to cool Q6600 3GHz

    sad to say that model you suggested is not avaliable in my region what you will suggest as the next possible cooler?
  5. Yesterday I built a PC inside a CM Elite 344 chassis and I used a Xigmatek Apache III cooler to cool the Q6600 which is my new HTPC in the living room. but the CPU is overheating really bad, and no matter how many times I tried remounting and applying the thermal paste. the CPU temps of my Q6600 is thur the roof with 68 degrees at idle and 75 degrees at load that is when I researched the cooler I got, turns out it only good for 65 W TDP CPUs like the Pentium G3258 and the performance is what they say is crap for a Zalman knockoff. Now i am stuck with a piece of metal as i cannot return it due to the cosmetic damages during the install with the screw driver. I was thinking of the classic CM 212X or Evo cooler but they are too tall to fit into the Elite 344 casing so what cooler will be good to cool the 105W TDP Q6600 CPU? Cheers Regards Chester Lin
  6. Dragoon20005

    �Official】HAF Stacker Owners Club

    thanks for the answer the reason for going for triple 390Xs is because of sceens which i want to power i am set on three 1440P FreeSync monitors for Project Cars SIM racing driving over 4k res with dual GPUs and maintain 60 fps is a stretch furthermore the Titan X cost like 1.9k where i live that equals to three 290Xs
  7. Dragoon20005

    HAF Stacker discontinued?

    does it differ from region to region? i still see them around where i live
  8. Dragoon20005

    �Official】HAF Stacker Owners Club

    Hi I am a new user here I currently using a CM Centurion 5 casing but i am planning to purchase the 935 stacker for a Project Cars PC Sim build later this year I was wondering if this casing is possilble to go with 3 way CrossFire with the possible R9 390Xs which are usually 2.5 slots wide? so far many builds only show 2 GPUs but I wonder if 3 way is possilble without affecting cooling ability of the cards also other than the older CM Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W which is the highest gold rating PSU what other PSU will support 3 way CrossFire with a 5960X & X99 combo? My main concern is it is better to route the PSU from the 915 to the 925 instead of running the PSU within the 925 are there any dust covers for the unused PSU slots? Thanks Regards Dragoon