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  1. Actually, yes. For buttons 6 & 7, I am afraid I don't know but I have found that buttons 4 & 5 can be programmed with "IE_Forward" and "IE_Back" to make them work without assigning a keybind to an actual key. I happened upon this quite by mistake but it works.
  2. I am sorry I ever bought this mouse. It doesn't work like a mouse. The software redirects the mouse buttons to keyboard keys. This means I either have to reprogram it every time I change software or I have to go into all my software to find an obscure key none of them use to set as a mouse3 and mouse4. I prefer the Xornet but it must have not only been discontinued but is now out of stock everywhere but the buttons wear out really fast. This Spawn is a nice, sturdy device but the programming on it is horrid. I can press keys with a keyboard.
  3. Can it be done? I prefer the Xornet but they are no longer being stocked and I got this instead. I am very disappointed that it can't work like just a 7 button mouse with mouse0 (left) mouse1 (right) mouse2 (middle) and so on for the other 4. I either have to go in and program it for every software change or set all my software to use some obscure keybind for the mouse buttons. Is there no possible way to assign traditional mouse buttons for this mouse?