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  1. Thanks Pim. But I think I would get another Sickleflow just in case. The best bank for buck with performance fans.
  2. Need support on this matter. I'm trying to remove the front cover of 690III with the PC is still on and accidentally break 1 of the fin of the Megaflow that comes with it. Now it still can turn without much problem, but just to know for long term got any problem or not. Thanks.
  3. Being a Sickleflow user for quite some already, it is good to put it on full blast as it is only 19dB. If not mistaken, it is not meant for variable speed.
  4. Well, you are right on this, 2 19dBA fans will yield about 20-24dBA of noise, still better than the original fan at max speed which is noisier. That's why even I bought the Silverstone AR03 CPU cooler, the fan I never use and use 2 Sickleflow instead, I prefer fixed speed(in this case max cooling all the time) and the flow are higher than SIlverstone's fan. Now my AMD FX-8320(stock clock settings) are giving temperature of 40-43°C for normal browsing during day time with ambient temperature of 30-33°C and maxed out at 55°C.
  5. A Malaysian member. What I'll do is, ditch the original fan, get 2 Sickleflow from lelong(score them for rm22 each where most places are selling for rm27), then get the 1 to 2 splitter cable, you shall not run the push-pull configuration with different speed as this will affect the air flow. To answer your question, there's no absolute answer as your casing matters. Running the pump or motor at fixed speed actually will improve the lifespan, if the speed are being regulated, it may shorten the lifespan of the motor. If want better cooling, install the cooler infront is the best way since this is the place that you will be getting cool air.
  6. Conductivity of the paste are 1 of the aspect you need to look at, but how you apply the paste and the cooler used are equally important.
  7. You can plug to the MB and let it control the flow. While I'm living in a tropical country, I just let the fans run on max speed and using high pressure air to blow the whole casing once every 2 months to remove the dust.
  8. Why not go for 12cm fans? CM's 12cm fans are having more selection and longer life span. While I'm a fan of CM's products, but they are having limited numbers of 14cm fans model is what makes me feel not happy with it.
  9. I just "upgraded" my Elite 311 to 690III, with 690III at maximum casing fans installed. Front is the Megaflow pre-installed and another 3 Sickleflow-X for top and bottom, back is also the original fan that comes with it. I won't use Jetflow as to get maximum flow, it will be noisy at 36dBA and with air flow of 95CFM and air pressure of 2.72. Sickleflow is airflow of 69.7CFM with air pressure of 2.9 which is higher and with 2000rpm fixed speed, it is only 19dBA. What will be more important is the air pressure as if we have high flow but low pressure won't mean much as the flow may not reach the place we want. Another reason is Sickleflow are cheaper. Even at 19dBA, I still feel it is a bit noisy at night.
  10. Best way to deal with this issue is check the technical specs of the kraken x61 for the thickness and compare it to the CM's AIO coolers, I assume that most AIO are using standard 12cm fans, so installing it will not post much problems.
  11. I just got my 690III yesterday and having the 200mm fan, black color anyway. And it comes with a lot of screws with a box. If your 690III does not comes with this box, you should go back to the shop you buy.
  12. How long you never clean the fan already?
  13. Another way is, get some rubber gaskets/washers on the screws which will do the trick also.
  14. Yes, you are right. Push buttons usually have lifespan.
  15. Heng KengYan

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    Looks like discontinued already?