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  1. Recep BaltaÅŸ

    Website blokcing IDM

    When I try to download a file or a manual, IDM tries to capture the file. But CM site does not allow that. And after that, the web site blocks my browser! I have to use Edge or some other browser to reach the web site. What is this, really?
  2. Recep BaltaÅŸ

    MasterPulse PRO Software Problems

    And my name is not Recep BaltaÅŸ. It is Recep Baltaş! Use unicode!
  3. Recep BaltaÅŸ

    MasterPulse PRO Software Problems

    We have been giving this feedback about the software since our Trigger Z review but looks like no one really cares at CM. Here are the problems with the MasterPulse PRO software. Does not create shortcut for Start and desktop. I have to browse through C:\Program Files.... to find the exe! Adds itself to system start without even telling you. Uses a broken English Does not have RGB control! Reset button in software does not work! MicBoost in software does not work! Can not detect headset if you swap the USB port. Have to restart the software Who the :) is coding this stuff? STOP CODING DIFFERENT SOFTWARE FOR DIFFERENT PRODUCTS. MAKE-A-U-NI-FI-ED-SOFTWARE!
  4. Recep BaltaÅŸ

    Why do I have to log in two times ?

    Then fix it! Or Switch to Xenforo which is way better than IPBullshit.
  5. Recep BaltaÅŸ

    Revert Back Trigger Z Alt Key Function

    Make a decent software for this keyboard. The existing software is not very useful.
  6. Recep BaltaÅŸ

    Revert Back Trigger Z Alt Key Function

    Why the :) do I have to login twice ? And why I am still unable to revert back the Alt key function to work as normal!
  7. Recep BaltaÅŸ

    Revert Back Trigger Z Alt Key Function

    I already understand the software but I can not get the left alt key function as intended even if I set it so.
  8. I really want to know that idiot, who thought that it would be a good idea to disable Alt key. Why on earth would you do that ? And I can't even get it to work as usual. The software is fucking more complicated than the German V2 missile's ignition system. :)! Now tell me how to use the left Alt key as the god damn usual left Alt key. Please. For fucks sake! BR!