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  1. I have a Seidon 240M in a computer built for me by . Today in the middle of a recording session the pump died and the cpu temp shot up to 100 degrees celcius causing the computer to go nuts and subsequently blue screen/die. I managed to trouble shoot and figure out that even thought he light is going on the pump has died after about 18 months of use. I'm confident through RMA either through or Cooler Master I'll get this resolved long term, but I've literally got a session tomorrow morning. So this is more of a question of, what can I do RIGHT NOW to be able to work tomorrow. -Should I rip the whole unit out, turn off the overclocking in bios and install a standard cooler I have lying around?(some low end stock cooler)? -Is it insane to just underclock the computer severely? I really only need like 1/4 the power it gives me for what i'm doing tomorrow. -Maybe my best option is to just get to a store and buy another immediately, but am I correct in thinking if I found somewhere locally that was carrying a Seidon 240M I could reinstall much easier since I wouldn't have to add in any mounting bracets but just replace the pump unit itself? Kind of devastated and lost at the moment so anything is helpful. One thing I'm pretty sure of is that the pump is just plain dead. I've tried just about everything to get it working again(different power sockets/bios settings/etc) but I think the fact it died mid session after working fine for 18 months is a good sign that it's just died on me.