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  1. They finally sent me a v1200 power supply that I sold on craigslist and got my money back...2.5 months later. The guy I sold it to said it was defective due to a loose capacitor. He soldered it and it seems to work fine. Sound like they lost 2 potential future customers as I will never buy one of their products again. End of story.
  2. CM support has offered me a different product to replace my headset. I told them no and requested a refund as they are not able to replace the product I sent. No response. Be prepared to wait a LONG time if you RMA your CM product. It's sad that I had to finally contact them after 5 weeks of waiting only to find out I may never see a replacement, refund, or a response to my request that they make good on my purchase...My suggestion is that CM might actually back up what it sells.
  3. CM offered me another product as a replacement for my headset. I said no and that I feel a refund is in order. No response. Be prepared to wait a LONG time if you RMA your headset. If you ever see a replacement at all...
  4. CM has had my Storm Sirus 5.1 for over 5 weeks now. I sent it back under warranty for a faulty speaker. (left front) I spoke w/ live chat today and he's looking into replacement options for me. Hopefully you'll get your issues resolved w/o RMA. They only place I can find this headset now is Amazon and ebay. CM doesn't have any according to live support. I wonder how long I was going to have to wait before they contacted me to say they're all gone. The best headset they seem to be making now is the Ceres 500.
  5. Just spoke w/ live chat and he's going to see what options are available for replacement as they are out of stock on many items.
  6. Well, it's now been over 5 weeks that CM has had my Sirus headset.