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  1. 6. Finish Photoshop LOL Thank you for watching!
  2. 4. right side Watercooling Modding
  3. 3-2 Modding Case PSU Cable Modding Lock Water Tank
  4. 3.Modding MB Watercooling GPU Watercooling Fitting
  5. 2.Equipment CPU:I7-7700KMB:ASRock Z270 TaichiRAM:AVEXIR RAIDEN DDR4-2666 8G*4GPU:Nvidia Titan X (Pascal)PSU:CM V750Watercooling:Bitspower Thanks
  6. 4. Water Cooling system setup This is the hardest and the most time-consuming part. Water loop needs to go through three areas: Animation scene, component area, and radiators. During the installation process, even though pipes are planned in advance, but when actually putting them together, problems occur so it’s not 100% connected according to plan, making the process both harder and takes longer. There are some difficulties when connecting hardline pipe between areas. Half of both areas needs to be finished first, get tested for any water leaks, and only if they are properly connected and sealed off, the following pipes can be installed.
  7. 3. Genji & Hanzo figures makeover Here comes the most important part of this PC build, the two figures of the main characters! Upon initial planning, considering the size and difficult, cute-version figures are decided. Making them with human scale would both be too time consuming, and they would look too small if to fit into a PC. In order to fit within the timeframe, modifying pre-made figurines is much more efficient than starting from scratch. (Which is common when prototyping) I started looking for templates from mainstream nendoroids from GSC, and finally came up with two. Kogitsunemaru from touken-ranbu (GSC#525), and Iron Man Mark 7 (GSC#284) from Marvel It just so happens that Iron Man figurines comes with Tony’s face, of which can be fitted on Kogitsunemaru as Hanzo’s face, and looks quite alike. However the hair for Hanzo has to start from scratch with putty. From Iron Man to Genji is pretty straight forward, only some slight modification is needed. Although the figurines themselves are adjustable, but due to the modification process they became static models.
  8. Custom made keyboard DUCK LIGHT SAVER v2 This keyboard only comes with PCB and aluminum case. The switches and key caps needed to be soldered one by one. Cherry mx blue, green, and white are used for the keyboard. The selection of key caps originally is GMK, but soon changed to OverWatch themed key caps from MassDrop. In the end this keyboard costs around $1000
  9. 2-4 Accessories I want not only the case itself ,but also the peripheral is modded with Overwatch theme. So I put in some effort on the side of the desk, the speakers, and keyboard. Acrylic fan shield with character skill icon from Hanzo and Genji Edifier S530D speaker with OverWatch Logo