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  1. Hi, Some users have mounted a 360 mm radiator for water cooling which is what I'm considering in one of my HAF X cases - I may not but am looking into it. Below is a Youtube film I've saved to my account which shows the 360 mm radiator being fixed to the top of the case with 4 screws. I've got no idea if this was secure or not but it looked it. From what I can gather is the top case fans come out and the 360 mm radiator goes into to a degree the top 5.25" drive bay. I've measured there is 41 mm where an optical drive would go so if the radiator is 25-38 mm thick in depth it may fit - But then there is the depth of the fans as well which is 360mm [120 mm x 3] remainder 40 mm approx. for the rest of the radiator chassis. I've got HAF X cases and also V8 V2 and Nepton 140 XL - Have a look and mention what you think - Maybe Cooler Master could make something that has better cooling than the 240 mm that would tame the AMD 9590 and support 400 W
  2. fraz

    HAF 915F 915R

    Hi, I'd like to discuss the HAF 915F & HAF 915R - I've looked at the manual, it's always difficult working out the differences between all the cases as these two are very similar. From what I can tell 915 F the PSU goes into the front and on the 915 R the PSU goes into the rear. It seems there is a number of uses for these cases - I'm posting this thread regarding water cooling and the installation of 360 mm radiators which as far as the manual suggests these cases can house 2 x 360 mm radiators - It is also possible to house 6 x 120 mm fans so presumably 3 x 120 mm fans can go onto each of the 360 mm radiators - Is this correct? Would it be possible to stack HAF 915R or 915F on top of a HAF X? - Or is this not meant to be? Is it possible to use just one 915 unit with 2 x 360 mm radiator? - Manual online mentioned "stackable mode" - I would envisage using a tower for the computer part and a 915 for the 360 mm radiator part for liquid cooling with a reservoir in the drive bays on the tower all connected with the necessary tubing. Is it possible to use either 915 unit R or F with 2 x 360 mm radiators on their own in conjunction with tower? I'm a little confused why there is a 915R & 915F - But I'm sure someone can mention this - I'm looking into the possibilities of water cooling a system and seek the best options so a discussion is in order and as much information as possible- thank you.
  3. Maybe a 240 or 280 mm radiator could be better in HAF X - I've found some reservoir / pump combo's that fit into a 5.25" drive bay and there are six front drive bays on HAF X with 2 hot swap-able so plenty room. It's higher up the case where it gets a little more complicated but there is plenty of room - 360 mm may fit but the case may need modding slightly for fixture points but 240 mm liquid cooling radiators and fans may just fit in to how Cooler Master originally designed it. Anyhow some good feedback is needed that will assist me in getting this a lot clearer
  4. I found this link online regarding someone else who has water cooled the HAF X. Some of the queries have been answered to a degree but some discussion is useful - Thanks
  5. Hi, I've got Cooler Master Nepton 140 XL and V8 V2 air cooler - But this thread is to ask about the possibility of a full liquid cooling setup in a Cooler Master HAF X case. What are the capabilities of the HAF X case regarding full liquid cooling? - I know it's a lot of hassle but I will build one for a volcano of a CPU AMD 9590. Generally I'd be needing a water block for the CPU - I don't see any problems here, then a pump/reservoir either a combo or seperate pump / reservoir - I don't see too much of a problem here fitting this into the HAF X case although care would need to be taken of SATA data cables etc.... Then there is the radiator / fans and I'd be provisionally looking at a 240mm / 280mm / 360mm. There are bigger radiators as well - Is there room at the top of the case to fit a 360mm radiator or bigger? HAF X comes out of the box with 1 x 200mm x 30mm [depth] fan at the top of the case and there is room for a second fan - The depth of the case is over 500 mm deep which seems generous with a depth of 30mm which means it may be possible to fit a radiator 25mm deep but then there is the depth of the fans. Maybe there are members here who have done this already and can speak about a full liquid cooling setup. Closed loop coolers are easier to deal with I agree and I'll be building one of those at some point but this thread is to ask about full liquid cooling with HAF X and to discuss the possibilities, thanks
  6. fraz

    2.5" SSD's

    Hi CM Michiel, Thanks for the useful pointer for putting 2.5" SSD in front hot swappable drive bays with an extra accessory I will try to remember this. There is another question - on the side of the case it looks like there are two slots for 2.5" drives because they are smaller than the other slots for the 3.5" drives - This is correct isn't it? So a SSD can go in the front [hot swap] with extra accessory to convert 3.5" > 2.5" or it can can go in the side of the case in 2.5" slot without accessory but the side panel needs to be removed to do this - I think I've got it - Is this all correct? - It's good to get verification as I'm not attempting this yet
  7. Hi, V8 GTS - is capable of handling loads of up to 250 watts TDP - This sounds amazing - But I'm going to do a build with the "crazy" AMD AM3+ socket FX9590 CPU which has a TDP rating of 220 Watts. As this comes factory overclocked as it is out of the box it is doubtful I will even attempt to overclock this as it seems it is very difficult to run this CPU and keep temperatures in check if what I've read online is correct. I would expect to be able to run the CPU at stock frequency and use the capability of the CPU whilst still keeping temperatures respectable - The motherboard Asus Saberooth 990 FX R3 is rated at over 200 watts TDP but the question will remain will the stock frequency of the 9590 exceed the 250 watts TDP of the V8 GTS when it is pushed a little harder at stock frequency and NOT OVERCLOCKED. This query is as much about the 9590 as it is about the V8 cooler but some folks here may have used one as well. I do have Intel CPU's as well so please don't say don't bother with the 9590 as I know Intel are superior but this is about attempting to run the 9590 with V8 cooler at higher stock loads - What are your views on this it'll be interesting to know
  8. fraz

    2.5" SSD's

    Hi, A query about how to attach a 2.5" SSD into a Coolermaster case? OK the 3.5" HD drives go straight into the side of the computer - There is also room and I've read this in the instructions for HAF X that one or two 2.5" SSD's can also fit into the side of the case in the same way. I'm not building a system right now but will at some point be adding a 2.5" SSD - Do they go straight in like the 3.5" drives do or is another EXTRA accessory needed? I've built 2 systems now but no 2.5" drives used yet so there is just some uncertainty. I wouldn't want to buy say a Western Digital or Kingston 2.5" to only realise that a "caddy" is needed to include it in the case - Just some general natter about it! -
  9. From looking at the box it looks like it is just the V8 version 2 - I can't see anything to do with GTS on the box - I take it the V8 is smaller than the V8 GTS ??? Also would this cooler get in the way of the first PCI-e slot? - I've not got round to the build yet! - I did have another big air cooler from another company and it was a real scrape to get a graphics card in which is not good. I'm all in favour of big coolers as they do a great job but if they start encroaching upon the spaces of other devices then it defeats the purpose and causes frustration. I've done two builds so I'm not experienced as a builder and items such as big coolers causing problems is not wanted The V8 looks great and may be a better fit than the other cooler I was talking about in another computer which is an excellent cooler! - Any feedback appreciated
  10. Hi, RAM clearance and CPU coolers can be tricky - Will Corsair Dominator RAM be a goof fit with V8 air cooler? - I've seen a picture of V8 Cooler with Corsair Vengenance DDR3 RAM on motherboard and it seems to be fit OK but what about Dominator as it's a little taller maybe If someone knows for sure because they've tried it raise it here! If there was an issue I'd use a Nepton 120 XL instead of V8! - Kingtson Fury / Savage RAM is uDIMM so lower profile but Dominator 2800 mhz is CL 14
  11. fraz

    Air & liquid

    OK, So they are about even then - That'll be plenty good enough - i7 3930k 130-140 TDP - I've just ordered a Nepton 120 XL - This will be better than a big air cooler that could cover up the RAM slots. Would the V8 cover up the RAM slots meaning very low profile RAM would be needed? - I've got a Phanteks air cooler that is "just OK" with low profile RAM and very nearly not OK with graphics card pci-e 1 slot being hindered by the cooler. So quite dicey for air coolers as far as space is concerned. With Nepton 120XL the bulky radiator / fans go at the back of the case without obstructing the RAM and pci-e 1 slot - Is this correct? -
  12. fraz

    Air & liquid

    Hi, Nepton & V8 air and liquid - Both are Coolermaster products - I'm not asking which is best, that wouldn't be fair - But what I will ask is what are the differences in cooling capacity? - I'll probably have V8 and Nepton in different systems then I can make my own conclusions but that will be a while off and some members here may have already have done both and know for sure. I've got a Nepton on order for a build and is my first liquid cooling for the CPU.
  13. Hi, I'm looking at the liquid cooling as a step up from the air cooled though my systems will be a mixture. Full on liquid cooling may be too much stress and management so I'm looking at the Nepton 120mm & Nepton 140mm - I've got the HAF X case and the rear fan is 140mm x 25mm so with Nepton 120 not being 140 is the housing 140mm to make up the missing 20mm so it goes into the back of the case instead of the rear fan. It is correct isn't it that you need to remove the rear fan to make room for the Nepton radiator / fans / reservoir / pump combo? Just looking on Coolermaster website the Nepton 140 is not there - Has this been replaced by the 120? On the same subject but regarding the top of the case the fans are 30mm thick and there is room for two fans [one currently] but there is room for a radiator up in the top of the case isn't there??? - Or not? EDIT-Just reading about Nepton 240 and depth of radiator and fans exceeds 30mm -
  14. fraz

    Liquid cooling HAF X

    Hi, Is it possible to use liquid cooling with the HAF X? - Sure the all-in-one systems will go in but how about the custom loops? - Is there room for a resevoir? I will probably get an all in one system but I'd like to do a cutom loop as well as it's a great learning experience albeit a little stressful getting all the facts together of what actually is needed. So far I understand that I'll need the following: Motherboard monoblock to cool the motherboard and CPU from underneath the motherboard CPU block to cool the CPU from above GPU block to cool the graphics card RAM block to cool the RAM Maybe the GPU block could be dropped but I'm trying to compile a list that covers all aspects and if I decide to drop something off the list it will not be done. But can the HAF X house a resevoir and where does it go? I've built one computer and now on the second so am a beginner + a little bit but as far as liquid cooling goes I'm total beginner but I've found some intersting bits to put into a computer and then I can try to overclock at some point in the future. If there are any case modders liquid cooled specialists on the forum please come forward and pass on some much needed information. Thanks
  15. Hi, I've got some HAF X cases for builds that have been done although I didn't build all the HAF X builds. I have built one Haf X build with the nVidia Edition of the HAF X case. Over the next year or two or three I'll be building some more computers and as I've built 3 HAF X cases in black I thought it would be nice if there were some other colours to choose from. If Coolermaster could create some new colours it would be fantastic as either permanent models or limited runs. Colours like orange, electric blue, yellow, Red would add nicely to the theme of gawdy awkward colours that the nVidia Edition is but I really like it!!!! - I really like the black as well but I've got enough black boxes when another is build another colour will be needed - Just an idea, maybe others would like it too!!!