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  1. Well if you have your heart set on the 935 and you find it for sale you should buy it sooner rather than later. The stacker series has been discontinued.
  2. First of all, the 935 is getting hard to get a hold of so good luck. It does come with a cover for the empty PSU slot and also a black chrome motherboard backplate for the 915 section. If you plan on using an extra large PSU you will have to fit it into the 915 section. There are 8 expansion slots on the 925 section. You could look into the CM Trooper or Stryker case that has 9 expansion slots. The reason why most gaming builds only have 1 or 2 graphics cards is frame pacing or the cost/performance gain ratio I suppose. Frame pacing is an issue with multi GPU setups especially on 3 and 4 card setups. New Catalyst drivers are designed to where an AMD APU can improve this some. I would recommend using an AMD processor with AMD GPUs or an Intel processor with Nvidia GPUs anyway. There is a 1500 watt version of the CM Silent Pro M2 (80+ silver rating), but I believe the V1200 Platinum would handle a system with 3 R9 390Xs. The R9 390X is supposedly going to consume less than 300 watts by the way.
  3. Thank you for the quick response. I ordered a few things I couldn't get at the US store. It was easier than I thought it would be!
  4. They sold out of these in the US store last month and then removed the part's page from the site. I don't think they will restock it.
  5. I have been waiting for the storage kit to restock for quite a while here in the US and tried to order some 915 windowed side panels earlier this week. I received an email stating that side panels had just ran out of stock. I asked if I could back order the items and was told they did not know when or if they were going to restock these parts. Can I order parts from the EU store or another store outside the US that has them in stock if the USA store decides not to restock them?