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  1. Does it make any difference in which direction the cooling block is positioned on a socket 2011-3? Can the block be positioned so the tubes face the bottom of the case rather than the front or back? With the nepton 240m in my silencio 652s on a supermicro xeon single processor board, model X10SRA-F, I find there is considerably less tension on the tubes (and therefore on the cpu - cooling block - socket assembly/stack) than if the tubes exit towards the back or the front. I have mounted the nepton 240m under the top of the case. I have tried mounting it on the front of the case but it will only mount in one direction, with the tubes exiting the radiator at the bottom rather than at the top, and it is a long reach (~13") for the tubes to make it to the cpu location (perhaps even too long for the cooler block to be mounted on the cpu at all).