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  1. Nah, I think I'll return it to the store to get my money back. Gonna buy a new one, obviously not a CM. Since I brought to your attention that I'm not happy about two windows keys and no context-menu one you got out another model (XTi) with the same stupid layout. Time to switch brands. Probably Corsair as they listened to the user-base when they raved about that ugly new logo and changed it back to the cool old one. I like companies that listen to their customers. I won't let the door hit me on my way out.
  2. My '8' key LED died after about 7 months of moderate usage (5-6 hrs per day). Or at least that's what I thought - after I removed the key cap it seems that the LED fires up but it's very dim. To top this fortunate incident up, the store I've purchased this KB from no longer has it on their stock. Any chance to get that LED to work properly? Has anyone successfully replaced one of these LEDs?
  3. Hey CM dudes, y u not listen to what customers says? Seriously, I said this before: why in the name of something, do you make your keyboards with TWO Windows keys? Why would anyone need two Windows keys? This is an useless redundancy at the expense of a useful key which is the context menu key. Get rid of the right Windows key and bring back the context menu key! I'm looking to buy another mech. keyboard and guess what - even though I enjoy my Rapid-i, it won't be a another CM, I won't make this mistake again. Fix this or you've forever lost me as a client and I'm guessing that whoever uses keyboards for other things than gaming (don't you know, people that make games use keyboards too and they need the context menu key) uses that key just as often and therefore will look somewhere else. Pay a little attention to the "power user" crowd too. Looking forward to the new CM keyboard with a context menu key.
  4. To the people that have been RMA-ing their KB for a few times now: just stop doing that. It's clear that the seller has a "bad" batch. You'd be better off if you wait a year or so for RMA, maybe by then the current stock is 0. ALso, I don't think Cooler Master is going to release a model number for the "good" version, as much as I'd like to. They wouldn't want people to stop buying from places where that model hasn't reached yet.
  5. I have mine for six weeks now and no dead LEDs. I've been using it for just a few hours a day on the lowest brightness level since the light is too strong for my eyes. Here's to staying like this for years to come.
  6. CM staff's promptitude seems to be outstanding.
  7. May I make a suggestion? OK, here it goes: For future keyboards please include the context menu key instead of two windows keys. Nobody needs two windows keys, but some actually use the context menu from time to time. I got the Rapid-i keyboard and even though it's a great keyboard (with a few minuses I won't discuss here), I was dissapointed with the fact that it had no context menu key. Instead of including two winkeys you could put the FN at the 2nd winkey"position and context menu in current FN's possition, like "normal" keyboards are. I've solved my problem (lack of context menu key) using a small utility program but I shouldn't resort to that. Next time I'm gonna purchase a keyboard I promise you I'm gonna check for the "context menu" key and if CM doesn't have it, I'll look into other brands. You know, even though this industry likes to slap the "gaming" stamp on everything, other kinds of users (like those who need the context menu in various programs) buy these products, just a headsup.
  8. Hi all! New around here. I'm a relatively new CM user - got a mouse (the Havoc) at work and the Rapid-i at home. It's rather unfortunate to come to this community after googling about dead LEDs on this keyboard, a thing I did after I've purchased the product which means I did not do my homework well enough. Anyway, fact of the matter is that I don't have dead LEDs yet (and hopefully never) but like the user above me, I'm interested to know how did CM engineering team solve this problem or if that's sensitive information, at least can we have a serial/model number (or something) for the "new" keyboard that has this issue fixed? My keyboard's model # is: SGK-4040-GKCM1-US Should I expect dead LEDs any moment now? Thanks. p.s. I already have to put up with the infamous "ping" sound coming out from space and a few other keys, so this new discovery regarding the LEDs is not helping with improving my satisfaction with this product.