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  1. Thanks! Liquid flow rates should be pretty good compared to earlier CM AIOs.
  2. Anyone know the maximum pump RPM for the MasterLiquid Pro 240?
  3. Thanks! Finally figured as much but got an H100i GTX instead. The N200 is truly a small versatile case, perfect for mATX boards. Discovered that there's provision (undocumented AFAIK) for a single 3.5" HDD installation lying flat at the bottom of the case where the cage would normally go. Won't restrict lower radiator fan airflow like the cage does. SSD can mount beneath radiator behind motherboard as documented.
  4. Currently have a Seidon 240M with radiator front mounted in a Cooler Master N200 case and would like to replace with Nepton 240M. Will the Nepton 240M radiator fit in the same location? Radiator dimensions seem slightly different.
  5. That's the Xtraflo, not the slim version. But getting one or two is not an issue, Ebay has several retail package listings, albeit at inflated prices. Apparently, CM wants distributors to purchase a minimum of 300 which probably explains why they are so scare in normal distribution channels. ID Cooling makes a similar 120mm slim fan, which is readily available at a reasonable price, but the internal PWM circuitry is terrible. Performance is all over the place, they don't meet their advertised specs which is an issue in my case.
  6. Anyone knows the story regarding this fan? The EU CM store used to sell them at reasonable prices but I notice they are no longer available or even advertised there anymore. Also, they don't seem to be available via normal distribution channels either. Only see them on Ebay at ridiculous prices.