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  1. Thanks, ok I do have the 120v on the back of the case pushing air out and the 200mm Megaflow on top pushing air out. But I wanted to set up the 120v with dual fans in a push/pull air out the back but there seems to not be enough room to clear the Megaflow on the inside with 2 fans on the radiator. Can I put 1 fan pushing air thru the radiator out and the other fan outside the case pulling air out? Just wondering, or I need a thinner 120mm fan on the radiator pulling air out out of the case mounted on the inside. And on another issue, is the Jetflo a good 120mm fan to push air thru the radiator? Thanks in advance. Dale
  2. Ok, before I screw this build up, all parts are Cooler Master. Haf 912 case with MegaFlow 200mm Fan & Seidon 120v cpu cooler. The 200mm fan will not fit as an exhaust at the top of the 912 case with the liquid cooler installed, right? Looks like not even (2) 120mm fans will fit on the top even if I have the Seidon cooler in push or push/pull config (2 fans). Only (1) 120mm will fit. I guess I just wasted money on the 200mm fan. I already have one in the front. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.