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  1. Hello, Ok, thanks again The pump RPM it's ok for me and I'm a fan of the default settings ^^. The pump is very quiet like this. Have a good day.
  2. Hello and thanks for your answers. Mohd Noh, it's not a noisy pump problem ^^ but thanks. CM Patrick, yes that's what I did the day before, I plugged on 4 pin CPU_Fan and I set the two fans at level 5 instead of level 9. (Option: auto / 50° limit). But I find level 9 noisy. Is this normal? (Even if they never need to be at level 9 in a heavy game). My processor does not exceed 45 °. Silence is ok since. I still await an answer before "re-posting". However, the probe indicates that the pump is still running at the highest (2800 rpm ~). (I am not speaking fans there). Is this normal? I don't know many watercooling, that's why I ask these questions. (Nepton 240M my first ^^). Anyway it works great! Thank you again for your confirmation. Have a good day
  3. Hello, I installed the Nepton 240m in my CM 690 III, today. My processor is a 3.4GHz Core I7. My MB is a Asrock z77 extreme 4. This works very well, my processor is at 30°C (-15° ~) But the Nepton 240m fans still running at the highest in idle. Is this normal? I plugged on CPU_FAN1 and fans on CPU_Fan2. Is this the right way? In any case, it makes a lot of noise. Much more than the basic Air cooling (intel). How to make the Nepton 240m is adapt the workload of the pc as did original Air Cooling? Sorry for my English, I'm French.