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  1. Hello! I bought this pump for my fx-9590 cpu about a month ago. I maybe having a problem it now. When I first turn it on it will be 2870 or so maybe faster but then go to 2860ish and no it's 2850ish. When I play a game the speed will go down as the cpu gets hotter but will later go back up after I end the game. There is no ticking sound as others have mentioned or anything like that. my mobo is a crosshair v formula-z if that helps. The radiator is mounted at the top of my case. Any help would be great. Thanks Also I have cookies I have not tried connecting it directly to the PSU yet because I don't have a 4 pin to molex. I do have a 3 pin extension and then could put a molex onto it if that would work. Bad part is I couldn't watch the rpm. Which there was a way to have it powered by PSU and still have it show rpm.