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  1. At the end of the weekend, he had the first live show for the new machine. It was a successful show at the Cooler Master Modding booth. Final photos: It was good to share your worklog with you. Thank you all for your attention! Modders: good luck in the future! More high resolution photos: https://goo.gl/photos/ry5MwYdbBtKdeabi7 Watch my video: https://youtu.be/95FO523Sv94 New video: https://youtu.be/xmgFEFb-fsc What is even lagging behind: Hardver specification: MB: Gigabyte Z270N-WIFI CPU: Intel Core-i5 7500 RAM: HyperX Savage DDR4 2x8GB SSD: HyperX Savage 120GB HDD: WD Caviar Blue 1TB VGA: Gigabyte GV-N1070IX-8GD PSU: Cooler Master V550 CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Nepton Radiator fan: 2x Cooler Master Masterfan Pro 120 Watercooling parts: Alphacool fittings, PrimoChill & Monsoon red tubings
  2. Thank you for the recognition words! And stay on the subject of polishing: The CPU has also been discharged, followed by the corresponding water cooling parts.The drainage of many cables caused some puzzles, but I managed to solve that. After the VGA was installed, the water system could be charged. Pharmacy distilled water + antifreeze 10% + red color additive, approx. Total quantity 3dl. The filling is very simple through the filling hole on the balancing tank, using an external power supply. Perfect! After the RAM kit and the HDD built-in it could be a sharp test! Everything works well!Writing this post is already being written using the new machine. Even a few smaller parts are glued back and the final photos can come.
  3. Happy Easter Everyone! The optical tuning has been a major part of the week. I created the original cover made of sheet aluminum elements carbon fiber I love this stuff, but it is not easy to work with. After the carbon fiber are cut impregnation. Cutting a definitive form, grinding. And then several layers of clearcoat layer inflated. The matt black painted plexiglass engraving sites occurred. At the smallest side is the younger son online user name was because I made this mod for he. The larger side of the Gigabyte eye icon has been added. Engraved with unique method. I worked with racks drill 2-3 mm drill . Moved by free hand drawn based on the template. Then a grinding, refining and testing have come to light. It has come out of the case polishing! I began by machine grinding, hand fine grinding and has occurred, a homogeneous surface is achieved. With mop caught in hand drill and a special polishing paste I, which in addition to being time-consuming, especially dirty work. The final hand-polished fine had better work. Will be begin the final assembly!
  4. Update April 09. After the acrylic hardtubes are cutted, I formed at lathe the rubber "O" rings other. Only with integrated water cooling parts, I tested the circulation system. I calmed down, no leak! Approx. 3 dl liquid to be in the system. The pump is very quiet and not hear the surge tank water paddling. After the temporary installation of the hardware, i created location of masking at the plexi-side. Preparation, after grinding, special, advanced plastics matt black spray-painted sign on the inner side. Aluminum parts, grids, painting, acrylic-based mat black spray sign. More plexiglass, polycarbonate parts for painting. The plexi-side cut out integrated elements, ledstrip cover to cover, 1 mm stainless steel maded the line of the design of vga. They can be polished later.
  5. Update April 02. The next part is a SSD-holder tray made of 2mm aluminium plate. I got the mini-ITX motherboard twin brother! Huge thanks for to Gigabyte!! Beautiful card, but when its into the modder hand, it can't avoid the conversion! I was looking through attachment points. Finally made of 6mm plexiglass and 1mm aluminium plate a fixer. The stainless-steel chase, also cable channel for a 8-pin VGA power. Handmade so successfully drilled. I had to buy a special HDMI-cable because the space is tight. It will be good! After installing the VGA, I edited "fan-grille" to a plexi sidepanel. I cutted with a jigsaw, then with a drill stand, I formed the edges with milling cutter. After followed the hand sanding. I cutted the place for a led strip with a 3mm milling cutter. After I make for it cover element. The carving of the plexiside is not over yet! Further work will in this part, which you hopefully read in next post. Thanks for you interest!
  6. Update 03. 26. In this week i completed several important parts.Fixing, reinforcing, covering elements. 3mm polycarbonate: 5 mm polycarbonate: Home made angled desktop. Broken Scania R-series grille recycled: Motherboard rear outputs covering element made from it. Sunday's program: Soldering, cable sleeving.
  7. Update 03.19. Current state: The existing workflow: Completing the welding and the case succesfuly complete. I've been waiting to sawing apart this large plexi table! 6mm GS plexiglass this is the side wall. It was built in the front usb 3 connector too. I maded fan grille in front of radiator by 1mm stainless steel. In the side panel i cutted out for it place. Edge lighting at top side maded by red plexi. Home made reservoir. The pipeline parts preparation by 15mm and 5mm plexi. I bought vga angled from ebay. With this part the vga get to the another side. This inspired the project name: Inverted!. Later the plexiside has been cutted to vga desing perfectly.
  8. The development of welding parts at drilling stand. The top maded by 1.5mm curved u-profile plate. And the frontpanel 20x40 profil. Selfmade power and reset buttons. Further welding, straightening. Impowered M3 thread to stabilize the powersupply. Spacer maded by aluminum. My VGA sample:
  9. The build was started! The parts need to cut to size and ready to welding! So much thanks for Cooler Master Hungary to support me!
  10. Hello girls, boys! My name is Csaba Várkúti. I'm from Hungary and since 2010 i deal with modding. I've attended several contest and exhibition . Due to my profession, unique cases by aluminum, stainless steel by welding. The cases fully created by handwork, conventional, machines. I haven't CNC and lazer created pieces. So much thanks for Cooler Master and Gigabyte to support me! My last product chassis maded by stainless steel with AWI-welding which grinded smooth polished as mirror. I use plexiglas and polycarbonate for my case . I dont plan painted part. My plans maded in january, the building was started in february.
  11. Congratulations colleague, nice work!
  12. That's nice work! Very impressive, I like it!