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  1. the image above no longer displays correct since this forum was updated, what you cant see it to the right where it dissapears is the use of power rail one (1). you can just about see the link (indicated in orange) which is where one of the yellow wires from rail 1 goes int o the multi 8 pin wire connector (the smaller motherboard connector)
  2. check my posting ref 12v rail distribution.. heres the link.. iv been inside for a look and what i see differs from the diagram i see here to some degree.. terminal7....... http://forum.coolermaster.com/viewtopic.php?t=8650 . . .
  3. i have seen several responses to the question of how the six lanes of 12 are distributed in a cooler master m850 but now i own one and have taken it appart and tested it i see the real layout of power is not anything like it has been previously described, fact is the layout is in real life much more well balanced than had been described by for example this forum in a much earlier posing. so here we go .... 12v no1 @ 18amp= not outputing to any modulars instead it goes to the 24 pin mo'board connector ( 1 wire from it also goes to the 8 pin cpu connector ) 12v no2 @ 18amp= this goes to the 6 pin and 8 pin cpu connectors and nowhere else (as above one of 12v no1 rails goes to the 8 pin too) 12v no3 @ 28amp= one of the 8 pin sli pcie connectors 12v no4 @ 28amp= one of the 8 pin sli pcie connectors 12v no5 @ 18amp= this one feeds the lower 6 pin sli pcie (green) connectors and also the 4 molex outputs at the far left of the unit ( but not the 2 closest to the green connectors) 12v no6 @ 18amp= this one feeds the upper of the two 6 pin sli pcie (green) connectors and the 2 molex type (black ) outouts just to the left of it. And thats it, ill supply a nice diagram if this is asked for and even a photo pointing to the said wires inside the unit if anyone wants to see. Thanks. T7 - 2007