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  1. See my posts about the M700 pro i have the exact same board as you and it wont boot with this psu. I have tried 2 of them both are the same. They will work in older pc's. I have sent both mine back as they are incompatible. I got a corsair hx620 in the end works like a dream.
  2. Looks like your having same problem as me I have had 2 M700 psu's and neither will startup my P35 chipset mobo. Bought a corsair 620w psu and this works perfectly aswell as my old psu which was struggling with a quad core cpu. These psu's seem to have a lot of problems!
  3. Well have now tried 2 M700's and neither will startup this pc. Bought a corsair hx620w and this works like a dream. So in short the coolermaster psu's aren't very good!
  4. I have tried the psu in another system and old athlon in an nforce2 board and it boots that ok.
  5. Well decided to take out the board and try outside the case swapped my watercooling setup for a scythe ninja and even tried a 2900pro instead of the 8800gts but guess what exactly the same leds come on for a split 2nd and fans spin up but then stop straightaway! Put my old akasa psu back on boots up fine! This psu isn't compatible with a MSI P35 Neo2 board and a q6600. The 3.3v and 5v rails are rated at 25a each on the coolermaster but 30a on the akasa this must be the problem!
  6. My spec Q6600 P35 Neo2FR bios 1.6 2x1GB Corsair XMS2 dual channel kit M700 PSU 700 watts MSI 8800GTS 512mb I have the above setup and when switched on the LEDS light up and fans spin then immdeiately stop. I have left the minimum of power leads in and still no joy ie 24 pin connector 8 pin and molex 4 pin. I had the above system running with an akasa paxpower 460w no problem. I have rma'd the psu and purchased another coolermaster m700 but get exactly the same results. Tried both of these psu's in another system and they work fine. My board has the usual multiple bootups that other people experience. Swapped back in the akasu psu again system working fine again. Any ideas? Cheers