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  1. i have ordered a replacement pump that wil come tomorrow and im replacing my power supply beause it is making weird noises in games so ill tell you how it is tomorrow
  2. the pump is making the noise and the pump is running at 2800 rpm but when i change it in the bios it doesnt do anything, which fan header shoud i put it in cpu or chasais
  3. From when i bought my cooler until last night it was fine , a bit of noise but nothing too bad, but last night my cpu block decided to become really loud. The RPM on it is gone to 2800 rpm and im not sure if thats the right speed for this thing. If anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it. SPECS Motherboard: Asus ma5a97 le r2.0 Graphics card: Msi GTX 760 Processor: amd fx 8320 ram: 2 x 4g Gskill Rpijaws WD 1tb blue hard drive Cooler master siedon 120v v2