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  1. I been very impressed with CM's customer service. After months and months of research and reading countless reviews and coming on here for some advice. I have stirred away from LEDS in general. This happens to not only CM storm LED keyboards, but across the board with all LED lights. When you design this LED keyboard, the complications arises. So the answer for me was simply order them without lights. if you are lucky you can still get them for a good bargin, new, without any LED functions which I think is a good fair trade. The LEDS at first I wanted them so bad, but when you factor out these problems, you get this frustration and ending up not able to enjoy your keyboard to the fullest extent. I am so happy with my Quickfire Rapid MX Brown switches. If this one dies, which I do not think so, I will buy another regular keyboard without the LEDS, perhaps the same model but with MX blues. Logitech has same problem as well, not just CM. So let this technology sit for a year or two when they really found a good way of implenting, till then, NO LEDS for me.
  2. thanks for the quicky response! I googled the product code and it seems you guys stopped making the Grey Case. Which is sad, because its the best looking one!
  3. Guys, I am looking to pick this keyboard up. I like the Cherry MX blues, and particularly, LOVE the grey color of the keyboard. I am unsure what color the Cherry MX Blues the keyboard comes in. The pictures on amazon has a bunch of different mixed pictures of keyboards in black and grey and some with decals on them. I also tend to enjoy the excessive branding on the grey case Quickfire. If i wanted to get that one, which one would it be? I realize this is an older model of the Rapid-I. However, due to the LED issues that keyboards in general are having, I am having my reserve and decided to go for a cheaper, and more reliable, and less likely to fail. I dont have a huge budget, so I rather get 1 nice one over one that might fail on me later on. Any help appreciated.
  4. I have a question. I really do like the keyboards that CM makes. I do want to give it a try, however, the LED horror stories are quite scary. If I buy one, and have faulty ones, and do an RMA. Am I responsible for the shipping at all either way?