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  1. Patrick, I wanted to thank CM for replacing my 1000 watt gold rated with a 1200 watt platinum PSU because the 1000 watt was no longer available. Definitely an unexpected suprise.and restores my confidence in CM. I would still suggest CM work on keeping better communnication with customers awaiting an RMA resolution.
  2. Patrick, Thank you for the update and the upgrade but CM needs to be more proactive with their customers and keep them informed of what is going on. I wonder if I would still be waiting for some kind of reply if I had not opened a ticket to complain. 6 weeks with a computer down to process an RMA is not acceptable when there is no comunnication between CM support and the customer.
  3. I started the RMA procees on a V1000 PSU more than a month ago. Only thing I have received from CM is an acknowledgement that they received the PSU. That acknowledgement came more than a week after USPS actually delivered it. I specifically bought the CM PSU because of the good reviews and the 5 year warranty. For it to take this long to get an RMA replacement is outrageous and I will probably not purchase and more CM products in the future because of this.