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  1. I'm getting ooolder :DDD I've updated with the last fw but the problem still here, don't think i'll receive an answer from CM at this point. Thanks for try man, appreciate it I don't use the macro at the moment so isn't a big issue.
  2. Thank you! Hope is possible to downgrade the firmware... Have you alerted the HQ team of this problem? And, where do you contact me? Here or by pvt?
  3. Sincerely i don't know what happened, there's no way to maintain the right button pressed when macro is active. I did different test: Tried to creat a macro that press "W" button to walk forward, same result can't keep aimed with right button. Tried to swap left button to right button, so Left click to zoom and Right click to shoot, same result can't keep aimed when macro is active. Tried to bind the "-" button to aim on keyboard, and activating the macro I can keep aimed with the "-". So, now, I think that there's a problem with the mouse, with macro active I can't keep pressed other button (like Rclick to aim) cause it zoom out. I renew my request, is ist possible to reverse to original firmware? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Pim, atm i've tried it only with 2 games APB and BF4, the problem happens on both. I use macro rarely, so I can't say that the problem is the firmware but i've tried to upgrade the fw and the havoc software, after this appeared the problem. I can try maybe other games, thanks for asking hope you can solve this
  5. Hi Pim! Can you please help me on topic How to record macro of CM storm mouse? Thanks :)

  6. Hi, thanks for the tutorial but i've a problem. I've a Storm Havoc mouse, recently i've upgraded the firmware to the last available (1.3.7). I've created a macro to do rapidfire maintaining the button pressed, after the update of the firmware, when I press the button to activate the macro automatically zoom out, I can't maintain the right button of the mouse (used to zoom) pressed. This is an example, first shoot is with left key of mouse, second part of the video is with the macro button, and they automatically zoom out, also if I keep the right click pressed. This is the set up for the macro: So my final question is, is my problem? Problem of the macro? Or the new firmware problem? If is the last, can I go back to the original fw? Thanks in advance, hope you understand me