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  1. 您好。 你的作品很有創意。太棒了!! 我想要創造一個相仿的作品。和我會在作品文章中註明想法來源。 希望可以徵詢作者的同意 Hello. Your work is awesome. Nnnnnnice !! Would I create a similar work?. And I will indicate the source of the idea in the work article. Hope to consult the author's consent
  2. 我認同這件作品可以更精緻,但是我現在身為學生沒有太多資金去更精進這件作品,而且我沒有接受任何廠商的贊助。或許未來有機會我會更精進這件作品 I agree that this work can be more refined, but I am now as students do not have much money to more sophisticated into this work, and I did not accept any vendor sponsorship. Maybe the future has the opportunity I will be more sophisticated into this work
  3. I from Taiwan I like Cooler Master 

  4. see more https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6qpvYv9UT4hMXdzSi1HVkxNelU?usp=sharing 因為上傳錯誤,故圖片使用google雲端,上方連結 "本篇開始" 利用master case 硬碟支架鎖點延伸賽車摩托車造型,前方240水冷排製作摩托車大燈,風扇控制器移置車頭當作儀表板,所有共38個手做零件,MOD大量使用卡榫及磁鐵相吸固定,除了極具造型的摩托車MOD,我希望不失去MASTER caes大部分的使用功能,硬碟支架、90度顯示卡支架,上方水冷排,前方水冷排,都可日後替換使用(利用磁鐵及卡榫拆裝)。 本次作品於學校宿舍完成。使用紙板切片堆疊黏合、補土製作絕大部分造型的基礎。作品跳脫電腦機箱的思維,利用摩托車元素及電腦元素可以創造出不一樣的MOD。 作品不包含電腦零件,材料費大約150US$,大部分使用在紙板、噴漆、磁鐵上。我認為一個好的作品就算不用昂貴的零件也可以創造出作品的特色。 make it yours .Do it anyway. 摩托車造型參考 YAMAHA R1,2014 YAMAHA R1,2015 YAMAHA R3,KAWASAKI H2R 作品總共分1.骨架 2.整流罩3.尾翼5.其他裝飾 從硬碟支架延伸基礎骨架>製作核心下方支架延伸兩側車架>製作整流罩、下導流、後搖臂電源護蓋> 製作後方尾部造型。 coolermaster風扇控制器,為了凸顯其整合特色,將控制器移至車頭當作儀錶板造型。 保留master case完整性,將小零件箱放置於車尾上方,兼具造型及實用性。 前方240水冷排不但具有良好的散熱系統,利用風扇燈光、燈條燈光與正面整流罩造型,創造出賽車的凶狠造型。 我沒有製作太多設計原圖,參考圖片後依比例製作,製作過程邊創作邊思考邊改善。 希望你們喜歡我的作品 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "This beginning" The use of master case hard drive stent lock extension car racing car shape, in front of 240 water cooling row for motorcycle headlamps, fan controller to move the front as a dashboard, all a total of 38 hand parts, MOD large use of card and magnet I want to not lose the MASTER caes most of the use of the function, hard drive bracket, 90 degree display card bracket, the top of the water cooling row, the front of the water cooling row, can be replaced in the future use (use Magnets and staples). This work is done at the school dormitory. The use of cardboard slices stacked bonding, make up the vast majority of the basis of modeling. Works trip computer chassis thinking,The use of motorcycle elements and computer elements can create a different MOD. Works do not contain computer parts, material costs about 150US $, most of the use of cardboard, painting, magnet. I think a good work can create the characteristics of a work without expensive parts. Make it yours .Do it anyway Motorcycle modeling reference YAMAHA R1,2014 YAMAHA R1,2015 YAMAHA R3, KAWASAKI H2R The work is divided into 1. skeleton 2. fairing 3. tail 5. other decoration From the hard drive bracket to extend the basic skeleton> production of the bottom of the lower bracket bracket on both sides of the frame> production fairing, under the diversion, after the rocker power cover> Making rear tail shape. Coolermaster fan controller, in order to highlight its integration characteristics, the controller moved to the front as a dashboard shape. Keep the integrity of the master case, the small parts placed in the rear of the rear, both modeling and practicality. The front of the 240 water cooling row not only has a good cooling system, the use of fan lights, light bar lights and front fairing shape, to create a car's vicious shape. I did not make too much design of the original map, the reference picture after the proportion of production, making the edge of the creation of thinking while improving. I hope you like my work Lin Tingyu is a player from Taiwan USE coolermaster MAKER 5 to Production of motorcycle modeling ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "創作開始" "Creative start" 設計圖 design diagram 摩托車參考機種 (圖片取自網路) Motorcycle reference model (picture taken from the network) 電腦零件 Computer parts 本次作品設計重點,硬碟支架鎖點 The focus of this work design, hard drive stent lock 製作摩托車骨架 Production of motorcycle skeleton 製作下方支架 Make the bottom bracket 製作車頭前方造型 Making the front of the front modeling 製作下倒流支點 Make the backflow fulcrum 製作車頭支架 Making the front stand 前方整流罩製作 Front fairing production 左右下方電源護蓋,仿車架搖臂 Left and right below the power cover, imitation frame rocker arm 製作後方尾翼 Making rear tail 磁鐵吸附,必要時可方便拆卸 Magnet adsorption, if necessary, can be easily removed --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 補土打磨製作 Make up the soil 總共38個手工製作零件 A total of 38 handmade parts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 噴漆上色,安裝零件 Paint color, install parts 控制器下方貼上絕緣膠帶 Insulate tape underneath the controller ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 水冷安裝 Water-cooled installation ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 作品欣賞 Works appreciation