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  1. So, i bet this is the thing you didnt expect to see I switched to below tubing to soft tubing in order to have a little more flexibility and room for working, also i made it so that the top part is able to tip over so i can clean, manage cables, etc etc.. This is the last big change in the overall mod and it will go under water tomorrow after some details and immense cleaning, dusting, alcohol bath and all Here are some pictures, i really hope you will enjoy them
  2. Dry fitting the pipes to the current look, there will be another pipe that will go on the other side of the 24 pin that will go from GPU to res, but will go under than it will come back up, to res I hope you like the progress so far, as i was unable to work on it for good few months due to some problems i have had :/
  3. if you mean the swoop, yeah it will be there if you meant if it would work i doubt i would be able to do that, maybe, but not entirely sure... the swoop will house the logos of sponsors *CM included
  4. So i have been doing what seems to be the biggest problem... how to make roof and still look sharp i think this will be ok, and not make the roof stand off too much, the roof consists out of board and a U profile, the sides will go on the inside of a U profile, and also it will house a led strip that will illuminate interior, now, should i put yellow or red that is still something to decide. This is another problem i have had. The waterblock came w/o a backplate, and i love backplates, keeps the board from bending and gives it stiffness, so i drilled the holes in my existing backplate to widen the screw holes that were there so the screws for my waterblock could go trough. it works, now i will need to reinstall it till the next time, feel free to comment, good/bad, its all cool
  5. Oh some thing i think you are gonna like that has been done to the mod 16mm Copper tubing: Changed the board rotation, its laid down now: Added professional grade backplane And the drawers: and the look before painting from different perspective: Also, the 480EKWB rad with 8x CoolerMaster Jetflo: New ones come tomorrow, enjoy!
  6. Hello guys and really sorry for not updating, i have had some massive lack of time so i didn't get to do anything that i wanted. This is a little tease and i promise i will post full update log once i get time to work on it . Also, tomorrow is the day i fire this thing in its cage as i have been running the system hihihi. So here it is for now: Brm brm brrrrrrmmm
  7. Been a while since i posted, and loads of things happened since than Enjoy the slideshow XD Top part still needs some minor adjustments, it now opens quite nicely with some support from suspensions I dont know about you, but it looks more massive than it used to Next in line is the finished front piece remaster! next, experimenting with paint/foils Here you can see how the roof holds with suspensions when open And the last, i really think you will like it, 95% finished product XD Bare in mind that the foil didnt set as it should have, and i will re-do it, the glue needs to be heated and i didnt have good dust free chamber, i redid it and the finished pictures will be out soon, only thing left for me to do now is fill it with components , loads of little details finished as well, this is just a preview! Finished pics will come out when i have it all working!
  8. Here is one long overdue update.. bodywork is taking much longer than i anticipated I ended up saving me the trouble with doors that open like this.. so the original idea --- to the water Made my life allot easier when it came to cooling fans can now be securely mounted to the side pannel XD Also, now everything seems to fit perfectly >.> And some finishing bodywork, tiny air bubbles gave me allot of problems after sanding... In the end it was worth it... Just perfect Also, one more idea that took me, Idiot, almost entire day and it was complete bust! Also, i figured that if i paint over the dry body kit, it will give it a bit of strength so i ended up doing that and it made my life easier, I paint it when i am done, and than, when i am back from work tomorrow its nice and solid, doing this saved me from allot of scratches The back fan mounted ( the one that cools the back of the socket ), i must add that when i did measurements for the cuts, i wanted to make it octagonal, i kind of dig the lines.. i think i will pinstripe them on it... Also the fan is mounted to the plate, that is than mounted to the case... Checking if the cables fit the hole i made, it will be awesome when i put the sleeved cables there with cable combs there There, I hope you guys like the progress i made, i will take liberty to say that it the case as a case should be done in a week, and the water cooling components and components should be fixed inside few weeks after that total...
  9. UPDATE!!!, still not painting ran in to some work related issues but still sort of big update 1) The "Nose job": 2) FINALLY! Fan mount... 3) Polyester filler : Hole for 24-pin done old fashion little plate style with |-type screws It still needs sanding before painting, i corrected the edges and everything on the bodywork of the core part, i got fittings, and i did a hole for 24-pin
  10. Tnx man, and stay tuned A few more days left, I will finish the mod before August As i didnt want to post pictures that make no sence, posting pictures where only i could see the difference, i waited a bit and once i had done things i deem'd made a change, i made a little walktrough around what i have done and around the case... The video is a bit on the longer side, and i got a bit confused with terminology i would be thrilled if you'd watch it I will grab some batteries for my camera and that is one of the reasons i used camcorder now, and i will take some nice closeups tomorrow, also i will most likely put primer on the drawer piece
  11. I've got some stuff inside of the case just to check how everything fits and looks in the cabin I hope you like the overall look inside the cabin its a bit tight but I like it like that only main ssd's will be inside the cabin, hard drives will go under the entire thing, and under that, radiators, pumps etc Its nearing the end and the start of painting i cant show you enough how that makes me feel Also a small adition to everything i fixed my speakers that i will be using and i will be also replacing the monitor with 40" 4k display
  12. here is an update after a big long while I fixed the doors so they can open correctly now and i had to make them open up top because of clearance issues :/ This is first layer of acrylic filler This is 2nd, and there might be a tird to fill the smallest holes
  13. Peeps, i know pictures are awful but my camera bateries ran out so i had to use my camcorder. I know most of you will criticize my choice to go for wood instead of alu but i had my own good reasons Also as you can see, my suspensions came and i am super happy about it Deatails almost complete and i hope that tomorrow i will finish complete body and start painting it hehe
  14. I made a compromis with mud flaps and went llike this, i think you will like it And the demonstration of power!!! Just for you to see how sturdy this thing really is... ( also to mention i am 192cm tall ) I hope you can gasp the sheer size of this thing At some point i will make it battery operated and i will drive on top of it XD
  15. Ok, i got few pics of progress and a question The spoon will be simmilar to this but i will str18 it a bit, add some mesh on top, make it more robust with stirofoam and such... it will look really good with suspensions and all painted trust me, i have it in my head!!! Also there is a question regarding these two pictures below Should i make mud protector on the 2nd pic, or should i leave it like it is on the 1st? Please post coments on what you think i should do and what you like/dislike on it... Tnx, Bax!