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  1. Thanks for the info, guess i'll go ahead and plan on purchasing one of the things
  2. Will the new V10 cooler work with Corsair Dominator PC8500 memory or is the memory heat spreader too high?
  3. mrtcohens

    V10 question

    Oh ok good, then i'll definitely order one, i was curious about this because the Extreme series as well as the I7 show 130w and all the 45nm Quad series are 95w, so that good to know it will utilize the coolers potential, thanks for the info, any other things about the V10 that you liked, i'm curious because i have the V8 now and was wondering if their are any benfits of upgrading.
  4. mrtcohens

    V10 question

    I was thinking about ordering the V10 when it comes out next month but I read somewhere that its only recommended for processors above the Q6600 because of them not generating enough heat for the TEC to ever become active and was wondering if anyone here could shed some light on this. I have a Q9650 and was wondering will it utilize the V10 to its full potential as looking at it generating 95w as all of the Q series above the Q6600, so if thats the case its full potential will only be used by the extreme series and the I7s. Someone provide more info on this please.
  5. I notice when you go to the Chassis page for CM global and click on the HAF case it shows the 4-in-3 device module as recommend product for it. But vice versa it doesn't on the 4-in-3 product page. I want to know if this thing will work with the HAF? I maybe looking to get one to cover the unused drive bays with and put a red led fan in it.
  6. That can work in theory, however the results may not be the kind you would like. Basically what im saying is that might not look as good as a already silver door. Any other suggestions or ways i can get this to match my case's silver finish? Because to my knowledge CM didn't make the 832 front doors in silver.
  7. Hey guys I have a silver CM Stacker 830 and I recently acquired a Stacker 832 front door thats black and I want to mod this thing so it matches my silver case. I was told by someone else on the forum to use over cleaner to strip the black anodized aluminum from the door which will return it to its natural state of silver aluminum. Anyone else heard of this or can confirm this would be the best method to use to do this.
  8. mrtcohens

    CM Stacker 830

    Thanks for the info man, I'll try what you said I'll also post this on the modders form. thanks again though, atleast i have some idea how to go about it.
  9. mrtcohens

    CM Stacker 830

    hello was wondering if someone from CM could provide me with the paint color code for the silver stacker 830. I recently aquired a black CM Stacker 832 front door and want to make it that same silver aluminum color of my 830 to swap the doors out. Appreciate any help on this.
  10. Thanks for the response, so that means i'll be able to disconnect those ends of the cables from the I/O panel and connect them directly into my cables to extend them? Wait...What? The cable connectors are female but the actual header connectors are male. I'm still not exactly sure what you're asking... =o Oh ok thats exactly what i wanted to know. I needed to know if either the cable connectors are male or female or if the actual header itself was male or female. Thanks this lets me know what i was trying to do will not work. I need the cables connectors to be male. Thanks save me some $$$$
  11. Thanks for the response, so that means i'll be able to disconnect those ends of the cables from the I/O panel and connect them directly into my cables to extend them?
  12. Was wondering if anyone knows it the connection headers on the I/O panel of the stacker 830 are male or female? I'm thinking about buying ordering a front panel to use the cables to extend my own audio and usb cables but i have to know if they will be male or female.
  13. I have the EVGA 780i mb, the manual doesn't say were the AC97 should go though, is it safe to assue it goes in what is referred to as the "FP Audio Connector"
  14. Yeah exactly my point but no one from coolermaster has responded or anything to help. But explain how this cable will work in the meantime if you could please.
  15. Well i got the one that plugs into yor HD audio cable and the other end goes into the mother board i believe a female a male cable, however it appearsthat there aren't enough cables wires or pins in the extension cable i bought to match the pins on the motherboard were they are suppose to go and the end that conects to the HD Audio cable coming from the front panel doesn't have enough prongs to match. It matches perfectly to the AC97 end of the cable though