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  1. Hi all. Got mine today with brown switches. It's almost exclusively intended for typing which is why I wanted some tactile feedback while keeping it quite*ish. But I'm not too sure about the spacebar. First it is louder than the all the keys even though it too has a brown switch. Secondly it sort of has two levels when pressing it. A gentle press activates it, but it goes even lower as if there's a threshold it passes and it hits the bottom with quite a big bump. Is this normal? Or do I have a faulty spacebar? Hope someone can help. - Peter edit: I have uploaded a video to demonstrate this: 2nd edit: I checked the dummy switches and I don't know whether this is what causing it. I can see the two dummy switches are pointing in opposite directions because of the tension on the stabilizer. Is it possible to remove them and align the stabilizer so it is no longer skewed? I don't see how I can the small casings that hold the dummy switches. It would be great if taking one of the switches and putting it back in, "upside down". But then again this is only my best guess as to what's causing my issue here.