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  1. I really like the CoolerMaster Elite 110 as a small-form-factor gaming system, especially with some of the current half-length graphics cards offerings (the Nvidia GTX 960 is a great all-rounder right now). However, I have some suggestions that I think could turn it from a good case, into a great one: Side Orientation: Currently the case is intended to be mounted in one orientation only, however this orientation is the widest, and places the optional fans at the side. I think a more useful option would be to mount it on its right side (the side without fan mounts) as this would not only give the case a slightly narrower profile, but also orient the optional fans towards the top. This would require that the side without fan-mounts be reinforced and either have feet on it as well, or have the feet as separate pieces that can be installed as required. Support SFX PSUs: Fairly self explanatory, but with the limited size inside the case, the much shorter (12.5cm) SFX PSUs are a perfect fit. ATX to SFX adaptor plates are pretty cheap, so installing an SFX PSU in this case is already possible, but it would be nice to see the case include a bracket that matches its finish, as most third party pieces are plain metal. SFX PSUs come in ample capacities, as even 400W should do for a system this size, and I believe there are even higher capacities available now. SFX PSUs are actually also pretty reasonably priced now, so it might even make sense to just use them exclusively, as the smaller size could allow the case to slim down further, or allow a re-oriented SFX PSU slot to leave more room for rear airflow. Support a Carrying Handle: I love smaller systems for their portability, and a system in this case would be ideal for LAN parties if it were even easier to carry. Of course there are carrying straps that can be used for this purpose, but they require care to prevent them sliding off. What I'd really love to see is some kind of optional carrying handle. The easiest way to do this would be create a standard carrying handle for small-form factor cases that can grip the case through a set of slots in the top panel (or panels with side orientation support), with suitable reinforcement (e.g - a bar on the chassis for the handle to lock around). Some systems do exist whereby a two-part, hinged handle will "grip" round such a bar when the two parts and held together in one hand. This needn't be bundled, as a standard handle accessory could be used to carry multiple case models once they've been adapted with suitable slots. Magnetic Front Panel: I know it might be a little more expensive, but I don't think it's unreasonable to pay more for quality in a small chassis, and having the front mesh panel fitted magnetically would make it significantly easier to change filters or to clean the front panel itself. Support for side-orientation and the optional carrying handle could be done by making the side without fan mounts fixed (non-removable). While it would reduce accessibility somewhat, this shouldn't be a problem as long as the PSU can be installed from above, as the cables can be routed before it's fixed in place.